Steel Window Replacement
We urge our customers thinking about steel window replacement to reconsider before losing fantastic windows from somewhere in or around the first half of the last century.  We have repaired thousands of them and this is what we have found over the years:
  1. Steel windows generally show very little, if any, actual deterioration.  Some have a little rust, and many are terribly over-painted but they are certainly repairable.
  2. Steel window repair is quite straight-forward.  Use a regular, steel-bristle grinder on the hinges, sash edges and jamb to remove built-up paint and ensure the sash closes completely.  Use a proper lubricant on the hinges and operating mechanism (crank or lock handle + swing-arm track, if present), to allow easy and full operation.  The objectives again are to close and lock completely and to swing smoothly/easily.
  3. Steel windows that close/seat and lock fully are more efficient than you think.  In most non-extreme climates, a heating/cooling bill will show very little difference between new and repaired windows.  Repairs, plus low-E film for south or west facing windows is usually a much better investment than replacing steel windows.