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Welcome to Window Restoration and Repair
Window Restoration and Repair provides wood and steel window restoration and repair services for most of the southern California area. We will restore your older and historic windows to make them energy efficient and fully operational while keeping the character of your historic building.

Our technicians:

* replace sash cords
* refit sashes
* reduce air leakage
* repair moving parts
* stabilize joints
* repair/replace hardware
* replace glass if needed
* weather-strip
* repair or replace wood

Window Restoration & Repair
When repair is not a possibility we offer custom built replicated windows to match the windows already in your home. Our replacement windows will replicate the design, detail, wood, finish and hardware of the windows being matched.
Owners of historic homes enjoy the historic glass, the old growth, and virgin timber of their home’s windows. When they also factor in the comparatively short lifespan of modern manufactured windows, many homeowners choose window restoration over replacement. Incentive prog ..
Window restoration follows the guidelines of the Department of the Interior / National Park Services requirements for Preservation. We work closely with State Historic Preservation Officials and other governing bodies when restoring and preserving windows. ..
Homeowners associations face difficulties when tenants/owners prioritize and budget to replace windows at varying times. When only a few owners of units replace windows at the same time, invariably, the only windows that look like the original are the originals. With window r ..