Staff Spotlight :: Brian Saffel

Brian Saffel Windows Restoration and Repair Supervisor


How long have you worked for Window Restoration and Repair?

Brian has been an integral team member for ten years at Window RNR.

How to you come to work for Window RNR?

Brian has always been into remodeling projects, so a job with Window RNR made sense. His love of restoration projects began when he was 9 years old and worked alongside his grandfather tinkering and building things from wood. When he saw an ad for a job in window restoration and repair, he knew Window RNR would be the perfect fit. Brian previously worked in construction, and the restoration niche always had interested him. He used his previous knowledge of construction to begin working with Window RNR and quickly was moved into a supervisory position.

Do you have any restoration projects at home?

Outside of work, Brian has a passion for acoustic guitar and he was previously in a band called Thunderstorm, in the early 90’s. During the day he gets to live out his passion for restoration while at work, at night and on weekends he gets to indulge in his love of acoustic guitar.

What has been your favorite project with Window RNR?

A favorite restoration project of his, is the Bembridge House, which is a turn of the century 3 story Victorian home that was owned by Dorothy Rankin Bembridge and purchased by the Long Beach Heritage.

If you could live anywhere and DO anything, where would you live and what would you do?

If Brian could live anywhere and do anything he would choose to live in a desolate area of the US, where he had a house next to a lake. He would run a hardware store out of his house and cut chords of firewood to put for sale out front. He would be accompanied by his dog, run his hardware store and live a simple life on the lake.

If you could see any band, alive or dead, at any moment in time, who would you see and when?

Brian toured with a band called Thunderstorm in 1992, he would love to see that concert from the prospective of a concert goer.