About Window Restoration and Repair

Why Is Choosing Our Company for your Window Work a Good Idea? 

  • Our company has done nothing but window repair in southern California for 16 years.
  • Over 50% of our customers come from referrals.
  • We enjoy exceptional customer ratings on internet service review sites (Yelp, Google, Angie’s List… etc.).
  • We are often referred by city inspectors and by preservation officers throughout southern California, and are listed on many preservation websites, such as the LA Conservancy.
  • We are fully licensed, insured and bonded contractors in good standing. 

Window restoration is our only business. We service the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, some of Riverside and some of San Bernadino as well.  Our clients are owners, property managers and general contractors. We work on historic commercial buildings, private residences, public buildings, national landmarks, condominiums and high rise apartment buildings. Window Restoration and Repair- Saving southern California’s historic architecture one window at a time.





Past Speaking Events: (On how to maintain and repair wood or steel windows in older and historic homes)

  • Alhambra Preservation Group
  • Altadena Historical Society
  • Bluff Park Neighborhood Association
  • California Heights Historic District
  • Claremont Historical Society
  • Country Club Park Neighborhood Association
  • Eagle Rock Historical Society
  • Glendale Historical Society
  • Highland Park Heritage
  • Long Beach Heritage
  • Monrovia Old House Preservation Group
  • Pasadena Heritage Fall Craftsman Weekend -Pasadena Convention Center
  • Rose Park Neighborhood Association (Restoration Trade Fair)
  • Washington Square Park Neighborhood Association (Pasadena)


Past participation in Home Tours:

  • Alhambra Preservation Group
  • Anaheim  Colony
  • Bungalow Heaven
  • California Heights Neighborhood Association
  • Claremont Heritage
  • Country Club Park Neighborhood Association
  • Floral Park Neighborhood Association
  • Monrovia Old House Preservation Group
  • Pasadena Heritage Fall Craftsman Weekend- Pasadena Convention Center
  • Rose Park Neighborhood Association


Scott Campbell stumbled upon the value of preservation as a homeowner. After purchasing a historic Santa Monica home, Scott soon realized how few resources existed for owners of vintage homes interested in preserving their home’s historic character.  The generic selections available at local home centers provided little help or inspiration, and few local contractors had the expertise or desire to help. After renovating his own home pretty much on his own, Scott realized he loved the hands-on experience and discovered the satisfaction of historic preservation.   


General Manager:

Ed Sanchez has worked with windows since 1983. He was employed by 2 different window manufacturers before starting a window replacement business in 1986. He found that over time, replacement windows rarely last as long as original ones. (Please read below for additional information on why original windows last longer.) He began to realize that restoring original windows is a wiser financial decision for the homeowner than replacing them with new ones. Consequently, in 2000, he began Window Restoration and Repair, to meet the needs of those who love the look of their older or historic homes. Since he naturally loves making old things last, this work is a fit for his personality.  In 2013, Ed  and his business partner, Scott Goldfarb, sold the company to Scott Campbell. If anyone is interested in having Ed talk to your group at no cost about how to repair and restore wood and steel windows, he can be reached at ed@windowrnr.com or at his office at 562-493-1590.


Norm Tauzon has been in the replacement window business for 12 years. In fact, Ed trained him 12 years ago and we were recently extremely happy to acquire him from a very successful window restoration company. Norm has had training by Anderson Windows and has done a lot of work with vinyl and aluminum windows.


All of our technicians are trained by Ed and come to the company with various branches of expertise. They have to be adept in wood working, metal work, engineering and inventive creativity. It takes from months to years to find each technician, since they have to have such unique and specific skills. They are the reason for our high rating on Yelp and other sites, and for our frequent customer referrals.