Keeping Windows Historically Accurate
23rd Oct 2015 | Posted in: blog 0
Preserving a city’s heritage sometime’s falls onto the shoulders of owners that reside in historically significant homes.
How do you know if your home has historical features and how do you keep those features historically accurate?

For this article we are going to look at historic windows. Window’s have the primary function of providing ventilation and light to the inside of your home. In the entire context of a historical building, windows are a critical element for enhancing the physical appearance and connect the exterior style with the home’s interior style. Windows provide decorative architectural elements to all historical buildings and their design is important to maintain historical integrity. A simple design or a design that is more ornate with multi-paned windows, showcases a particular style and gives more historical detail to the building.

When repairing historic windows, respecting the significance of the original material and features of the windows will ensure the distinct characteristics are retained.  Proper physical evaluation of the window is important prior to repairing windows. Evaluation includes:

  • Window location
  • Condition of paint
  • Condition of the frame and sill
  • Condition of the sash (rails, stiles, & muntins)
  • Glazing problems
  • Hardware; and
  • Overall condition of window (excellent, fair, poor, etc.)
    window types
    Routine maintenance of windows is pertinent to preventing future damage and costly repairs. The primary cause of deterioration is moisture. Weather stripping, adding storm windows and simple tasks such as caulking and sealing by painting or staining wood windows will make sure the life of your window will last another 50 or more years.
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