5 Great Reasons Restoring Your Windows Makes Sense
Are you wondering whether to Replace or Restore your windows?  Take a quick look at 5 great reasons restoring your windows makes sense.

  1. Materials and workmanship of higher quality
    were employed in older windows.  Old-growth wood and mortise & tenon joints have given way to dowels, screws and plastic in windows today. It’s these materials that will deteriorate quickly over time.  We regularly tune up old windows that have already enjoyed a century of service and if repaired will happily serve another, while today’s windows will typically last 15-20 years.  

  2. Big and Beautiful 
    windows are typically only found in older homes, the windows have true divided lites where the wood muntins divide each individual pane. Finding replacements for these larger windows is costly due to their size and the need to order a custom manufactured size, costing your project time and money.

  3. Historic Districts 
    In some areas there is no other option but to restore the windows in your historic home, due to city rules and regulations. Keeping a historic district looking original and not replacing architecture with standardized replacement windows will keep the overall aesthetic of the district.

  4. Even “Beyond Repair”
    can sometimes be repaired. Rotted frames, deteriorated sashes and leaking air can generally be fixed in window restoration — even a rotting window isn’t necessarily too far gone for restoration.

  5. Energy Savings 
    Restoring old windows will seal up any deterioration and cracks that may be allowing energy costs to escape out the window, lowering the cost of electricity by lessening the strain on your air conditioner and heater.